Congresses’ 2017 Giveaway: Your Public Lands.

No purchase necessary.  That’s what 234 U.S.representatives decided when they went on record  to say your public lands- the places you camp, fish, hike and hunt on are of zero value.   The legislative maneuver allows lawmakers to transfer federal properties to third parties without the inconvenience of accountability or oversight or debate.  It even lets us, taxpayers, take a financial loss on land transfers by ignoring revenue generated through timber harvest, grazing, and mineral leases.

Congressmen Thomas Massey (KY), Justin Amash (MI), and Walter Jones (NC) had the spine to buck their party and oppose this giveaway.  Send them a thank you note when you have a moment- they’re the real advocates of sportsmen, the rest is just lip service.  Even better, contact your representatives and make sure they know these lands aren’t worthless to their constituents.  I’ve provided contact information for legislative subcommittees and the nonprofits dedicates to protect our wild places on the advocacy page.



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