Up in the foothills of North Cascades National Park sits the Methow Valley, its namesake stream tumbling towards the Pacific so native salmon and trout can ascend and spawn. It’s estimated a billion tons of copper lie buried under Methow Valley, the southern toe of an ore trend extending 1200 miles from northern Washington State through central British Columbia.

It’s a Canadian firm looking to develop the mine. It’s local residents of the Methow Valley looking to protect their landscape, regional ecology, and the tourism economy which sustains their community. In December, the feds implemented a two-year halt to exploratory drilling, and area residents are seeking a 20 year moratorium on development. Who knows where that’ll go, but the Bureau of Land Management’s public comment period is open until March 30th. Let them know what you think.

Methow Headwaters from Benjamin Drummond + Sara Steele on Vimeo.